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The Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation,  in Dutch 'Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht' (SKHV), was first started in 1969 as an aero club (Stichting Vliegsport Gilze-Rijen)  by a group of former Air Force and Navy fighter pilots. The commander of the Gilze-Rijen Air Base at that time supported the renovation of a small hangar in which a Harvard and a Piper Super Cub were restored. The initial aim of this aero club was to provide private pilots with the possibility of advanced flying training. In the following years several historical aircraft were added to the fleet after having been carefully restored to an airworthy condition. From 1976 onwards the club  has dedicated itself to the restoration and the maintenance of propeller-driven aircraft formerly used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Navy.

In 1998 the  Stichting Vliegsport Gilze-Rijen and the Dutch Spitfire Flight merged to form the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight (SKHV) thereby bringing the only airworthy Dutch Spitfire and a Beaver into the collection. On September 24th 2004, during the 35th anniversary, the merge of the Duke of Brabant Air Force (DBAF) and the SKHV was announced. Since then the DBAF flag-ship, the B-25 Mitchell, has been part of the SKHV fleet.

During the past few decades the SKHV has grown into a leading aircraft museum with a unique collection of airworthy  historical military propeller-driven aircraft. The professional and enthusiastic contributions  of the many volunteers and the co-operation with the RNLAF ((Royal Netherlands Air Force) is the sound basis of its existence.



Click here for a video impression (allow some download time)

The SKHV has contributed to the making of several feature films, such as A Bridge Too Far, Soldaat van Oranje, De Aanslag, the musical Joe and the film Zwartboek directed by Paul Verhoeven. Various SKHV aircraft and participants appear in these films. The SKHV is also a regular participant in air shows in the Netherlands and abroad.
The Spitfire and the Mitchell but also various other types of aircraft are shown.

The SKHV organises aviation events giving the spectators the opportunity to be introduced to historical aviation. An elucidation of aviation history, the sight of formation flights, and the smell and sound of droning engines often leaves behind an indelible impression, and a flight in one of the historical planes is invariably perceived as a unique experience.

The organisation
The SKHV is a ‘flying museum’ with all the characteristics of a full-fledged aviation enterprise. The Technical and Operations Departments of the SKHV meet all the requirements made by the NL Civil Aviation Agency with regard to the operation of historical aircraft.

The participants
The activities of the SKHV are made possible by the professional work of approximately 200  volunteers. Among the volunteers are not only professional pilots of the RNLAF and Dutch commercial airlines,  but also private pilots with various backgrounds. They all have one thing in common: a passion for historical aircraft. This passion is shared by the volunteers of the Technical Department, most of whom have retired from professional careers and some as aircraft mechanics with the RNLAF. Other participants are active in the General Service, the Financial Department and more.

The fleet
The SKHV fleet is compromised of a large number of historical military propeller-driven aircraft, including some on loan from the RNLAF and the Military Aviation Museum. The photographs on this website provide an impression of our ‘flying museum’.